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2015 SJE/BADGER registration is OPEN!

Posted on 08 September 2015

The 2015 San Jacinto Enduro/ Badger ride benefiting the Idyllwild PTA/ smARTS Project is open for registration!  Here’s a link to registration & donation page. And a reminder: 100% of your donation goes to the Idyllwild PTA/smARTS Project, bringing arts … Continue reading → Continue Reading

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San Jacinto Enduro/ BADGER

Posted on 29 July 2015

So the Enduro is back, but we’re calling it the Badger instead.  That’s an acronym for “Big Annual Dirt & Gravel Endurance Ride.” We had to change it, because the SJ Enduro went full Enduro™ and we just can’t stand … Continue reading → Continue Reading

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More Options for Bikepackers – Apidura Bags

Posted on 18 May 2015

The Hub Cyclery is a busy little hive and we’ve expanded our bikepacking offerings with the addition of Apidura. Apidura is a relatively new bikepacking bag company out of the UK that pays great attention to detail and has a signature look with grey fabric and their yellow honey comb logo. These bags are smart and refined. […] Continue Reading

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About, Advocacy

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Posted on 27 March 2015

  Advocacy Yuba Launches Limited-Edition PeopleForBikes Branded Cargo Bike – PeopleForBikes and Yuba Bicycles have partnered to launch... Continue Reading

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Extension is OUT, Good Sand is IN

Posted on 12 March 2015

The “beta mode extension” for the ride this year is OUT, which hopefully doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  Heat and general lack of quality pull the extension for the year. It’s destined to improve (mapping with beer goggles) … Continue reading → Continue Reading

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Intense Cycles, Shop Happenings

Intense Cycles at The Hub/ Bike of the Year

Posted on 05 March 2015

We’ve recently brought in a good representation of Intense Cycles complete bikes. And to this guy, it feels like coming home.  We’ve been an authorized Intense dealer for years, but until recently we hadn’t been doing much with the brand. In late 2014 a perfect storm started brewing, as Idyllwild’s west side trails became “discovered” […] Continue Reading

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The Thing About the Ferry

Posted on 04 March 2015

We like to think of the addition of Coronado Island this year as an improvement to the route; which may or may not affect your clock time on the ride. In the Mountain/ Desert/ Ocean balance we seek, it brings … Continue reading → Continue Reading

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2015 Communique Sent

Posted on 02 March 2015

If you’re on the Start List, it should be in your inbox.  Continue Reading

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